Dr. Lyman has been able to make more progress with my chronic pain in 9 months than every other chiropractor I’ve visited over the past 15 years.
Elliott T.
I am a hairstylist, and visit Holistic Healthcare at least once a week and have less pain in my neck and shoulders, less migraines as a result of misalignment, and have the energy to help my clients feel special and beautiful. I highly recommend Holistic Healthcare and Dr. Lyman to anyone who is not feeling 100%. The scope of healing and care that is possible is exceptional.
Shauna L.
Dr. Marc Lyman and Dr. Scott Graf are friendly and knowledgeable holistic chiropractors! They have helped me recover from my hip surgery so that now I can walk without pain! I feel a difference when they use their cold laser and knowledge of nutritional supplements to keep me tuned up!
Larry L.
This office is dedicated to healing the WHOLE body! Dr. Marc Lyman, Dr. Scott Graf, and their wonderful team are very personable and committed to not only treating the acute issues but dealing with the chronic as well. I highly recommend them!
Kandi J.
Dr. Scott has helped me feel better overall.  He listens when you tell him about how you know you react to/feel about certain treatments & he does what he does within your comfort level.
Jennie W
The Doctors here have saved my life. I was deciding who would care for my kids because I could not breathe and thought I would die. The care I received from Dr. Marc Lyman and Dr. Scott Graf has giving me my life back and I can now breathe. If you are unsure… try. That’s all I can say.
Christine M.
I had tried conventional grief counseling but was not satisfied with the results. I started seeing Dr. Scott and with the help of laser, color therapy, and adjustments I felt that I was able to cope better with the emotions as they would arise. Dr. Scott has the ability to really listen to the patient, he is a good holistic practitioner, and he is funny too.
Kathy M.
Dr. Marc Lyman is amazing! He has helped me to feel so much better. I am learning so much about what I can do to improve my health. He and his staff have been helpful.
Deeona C.
Dr. Marc Lyman and Dr. Scott Graf are amazing holistic chiropractors! They help me have more energy, keep my hormones balanced, and took my allergies away!
Tricia L.
I came to Dr. Lyman a month ago for help with digestive issues and believe me, he has helped so much!  I have gone through the medical system for 2 1/2 months, trying to get help.  Never got it.  I came here...It is fantastic!  I can't say enough!
Carol M.