Structural stability is moving with ease. Moving with ease means being able to do daily tasks and duties with less resistance and effort.

Structural Stability

We become what are mind perceives, good or bad. These automatic thoughts can change us mentally as well as physically.

Balancing Perceptions

When your body chemistry is balanced then your body can function at a higher level and is able to withstand more stresses from the world.

Body Chemistry Balance


Our purpose is to provide the best holistic health care in St. George UT. To achieve this goal, we find patients who believe what we believe: that the body can heal itself if given the right tools and the proper opportunity to do so.  We are looking for patients that want to work with us towards pursuing a better, healthier life and to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us in pursuit of our purpose.

Our Philosophy

We use holistic health treatments, life coaching, functional medicine and chiropractic techniques to balance the body to function at the best of its ability. We find that when patients address each side of the Triangle of Health (Structural Stability, Body Chemistry Balance, and Perception) they enjoy improved health, a higher quality of life and prevention of future problems.

Each facet of the Triangle of Health is equally important. Structural Stability is moving with ease. This means that you are able to accomplish all of your daily tasks with the least amount of resistance and effort. If you are able to accomplish this, you will enjoy better health and improved energy. Balancing Perceptions involves the understanding that we are what our mind perceives. Thoughts can not only change us mentally, they can also alter us physically as well. Our bodies are often a direct reflection of our thoughts. Thus, if we want to be healthy and well, we must learn to think positive thoughts throughout the day. Body Chemistry Balance is the concept that when your body chemistry is balanced, your body can function at a much higher level, and is able to effectively withstand more stress. This enables your body to heal more quickly, and your mind to function more efficiently at a higher level.

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