Mineral Far Infrared Heat Lamp

People all over the world are singing the praises of mineral infrared heat lamp therapy, even right here in St. George UT.

Far infrared heat has long been known to assist the body in cleansing the cells of impurities and is very beneficial for decreasing inflammation and pain. Dr. Marc Lyman and Dr. Scott Graf enjoy helping people reap the benefits of this focused therapy!  Mineral Infrared Therapy (MIT) quickens the body’s healing process, relaxes strained muscles, strengthens the immune system and supports healing skin issues.  It is alsos very beneficial for decreasing edema, inflammation and pain after injuries.

The first mineral infrared heat lamps were invented in China in 1978. In fact, people in china call them “miracle lamps” because of the therapeutic nature of the infrared rays they emit, and because of the fact that mineral infrared heat lamps can be used to effectively treat over 100 chronic conditions. What makes mineral infrared heat lamps special is the fact that their curing plates are coated with minerals which are essential to the human body. When the plate is heated to a certain temperature, the lamp emits therapeutic rays which can penetrate up to 5 inches into the body. That’s the miracle of mineral infrared heat lamps. We are very thankful to have the privilege of offering mineral infrared heat lamp therapy right here in St. George UT.

The energy emitted by the lamp is known to help promote metabolism and good circulation in the body, as well as giving added strength to the immune system. Injured areas of the body are often lacking enough minerals, and the heat lamp appears to quicken the body’s healing process.

While the rays emitted from mineral infrared heat lamps are completely painless, many viruses, bacteria, and parasites have a very poor tolerance to heat compared to normal, healthy cells in the body. Mineral infrared heat lamps can thus treat a variety of maladies, while remaining completely pain-free and 100% safe!

If you want to enjoy the benefits of mineral infrared heat lamps right here in St. George, UT please give us a call. We can’t wait to assist you!

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