Triangle of Health

protections_picWe use functional medicine, chiropractic, holistic health treatments and life coaching to fine tune the body to function at the best of its ability. We find that when patients address each side of the Triangle of Health (Structural Stability, Body Chemistry and Perception) they enjoy improved health, a higher quality of life and prevention of future problems.

Structural Stability

Structural stability is moving with ease. Moving with ease means being able to do daily tasks and duties with less resistance and effort. This results in a better, healthier, and higher performing you.

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Balancing Perceptions

We become what are mind perceives, good or bad. These automatic thoughts can change us mentally as well as physically. Our physical bodies can have a direct reflect of what our emotional state of mind is.

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Body Chemistry Balance

When your body chemistry is balanced then your body can function at a higher level and is able to withstand more stresses from the world if it is physical, emotional perceptions and even other body chemical problems. You can feel better, think better and heal better.

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