Roller Table

Many people in St. George UT are seeking to improve their health and mobility with the ever-popular roller table.

The Intersegmental Traction Table, commonly called a roller table, is a favorite for many people to enjoy. Dr. Marc Lyman and Dr. Scott Graf use this therapy to encourage your spinal joints to glide and slide past each other, thus promoting better posture, increased flexibility, relaxing tight muscles, relieving troublesome pressure in your spine and improved overall body performance!

When you are feeling stressed, your body will instinctively tighten your muscles, which can cause your spine to compress. This compression can lead to a myriad of problems as it affects nerves throughout your body, oftentimes leading to intense pain and discomfort. The roller table can help relax your muscles, relieving troublesome pressure on your spine.

In addition to relaxing your muscles, the roller table can also improve the flow of the spinal fluids that cushion the discs in your back. An improved flow of spinal fluid ensures that your spinal fluid is able to flow the way it is designed to, preventing the vertebrae from rubbing against each other and causing painful pinched nerves.

The roller table also helps to gently improve the normal ranges of your spine. By doing this, we help relax your muscles, also preventing and decreasing muscle spasms and other sources of back pain. By helping your body to relax, the roller table can also aid your body in recovering from a traumatic event such as a car accident.

These are just some of the benefits of using roller tables. Using roller tables can both prevent injury and pain, as well as help your body recover quickly and with less stress.

If you are seeking a practice that is skilled in using roller tables in St. George UT, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

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