Structural Stability

Chiropractor St. George UTIf you need a chiropractor in St. George UT, we are here to help. Moving with ease means being able to do daily tasks and duties with less resistance and effort.  This results in a better, healthier you.

Structural stability is maintained by how well our body is connected.  There are many different parts to our body which need to communicate with each other so they can continually heal. This allows the body to perform the duties of everyday life with ease and without pain.  Our bodies are made of organs, tissues, and cells that remember past experiences, including injuries and traumas.  When our body experiences trauma, the cells and tissues give off messages to the other parts of the body which help the healing process begin.  Sometimes we have injuries that stop healing; this can happen for a couple of reasons:  1) you have a new injury on top of the old injury or a re-injury of that area. 2) The cells and tissues give off incorrect messages to the other parts of the body which causes pain, dysfunction, and can be the start of disease.  Our job is to find these areas of past traumas and remove the messages of pain and dysfunction so health and balance are restored to the body using chiropractic and holistic health techniques.

Athletic Performance

We help people perform at their peak levels by discovering where their bodies are limiting them.  We may think we have no problems but in fact there may be points in the movement where the muscle sticks, hurts, twinges, spasm and the list goes on.  This feeling may only be felt for a split second or only within a specific movement and then it doesn’t appear until we do that exact motion again.  We help the body heal correctly so each movement can perform its action as smooth as possible. If you need a chiropractor in St. George, UT give us a call.

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