Body Chemistry Balance

protections_picBody Chemistry balance is how each cell works individually and as a group.  On average there is about 50 trillion cells in the body each one of these cell has a job to do everyday all day long.  If these cells don’t get the right food or nutrients then they ether die prematurely or they do the wrong job.  This is where we start to have problems. We have our immune system shut down or maybe are hormones don’t work right have you heard of HOT FLASHES.  Even if our body is working at 90% that’s really good but that still is 10% that  is working against us in our own body not counting attacks from viruses or bacteria’s from the outside world.

We think that if we are eating healthy or supplementing we will be fine.  Some of us believe we are what we eat.  Is that true?  We have a different belief we think we are what we absorb.  We focus on helping people get what their body is requiring for their daily life and body needs.  If your body and cells absorb what they need then you get more from food, nutrition even maybe better results from your meds.

When your body chemistry is balanced then your body can function at a higher level and is able to withstand more stresses from the world if it is physical, emotional perceptions and even other body chemical problems. You can feel better, think better and heal better.