Special Senses Restoration

Could you benefit from senses restoration in St. George UT?

Ever wonder why you can not feel things like you used to? This is an example of a loss of your special senses. Hearing, the ability to focus, touch, smelling and tasting, or even bumping into walls or tripping is a loss of our proprioceptive ability.  These special senses are very important to keep tuned up so allow Dr. Marc Lyman and Dr. Scott Graf work their magic so that you can have a full experience in life without setbacks! However, senses restoration goes far beyond just the 5 senses we normally think of.

One of our most important senses that we often take for granted is balance. Without balance, we couldn’t even walk in a straight line, let alone accomplish the things we wanted to throughout the day! Sadly, over time many people’s sense of balance decreases, leading to problems such as frequent tripping or bumping into walls. Proprioception is the body’s ability to transmit a sense of position, analyze that information, and react with the proper movement. Simply put, it is the ability to be aware of where a body part is without having to actually look at it. This gives us to ability to do everyday things such as scratching our head without having to look in a mirror, or walk down a staircase without having to look at every single step as we take it.

Proprioceptors are both sensory and motor nerves that transmit and receive information to and from the central nervous system from stimuli within the skin, muscles, joints, and tendons. These impulses transmit information such as the position of a body part during a given movement, such as where your hand is as you reach to scratch your head.

Where does senses restoration come into all this? By improving your proprioception, you can train your body to be more agile and fine-tune your coordination skills so that you can perform physical activities more accurate and consistently. This is especially helping for athletes such as gymnasts, who must have impeccable balance and coordination.

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